T.I.A.R.A - 5 Points to Keep Your Cool

Many of my mid-career coaching clients identify a desire to show up in business meetings more powerfully and confident, while quickly establishing warmth and authenticity. They are often the youngest leader in the room, and sometimes the only female. They know their subject matter cold and their expertise is unquestioned. Just as they stand to share their expertise, close the sale, or question the viability of a proposed action, something terrible happens. They may go week in the knees, feel their heart racing or break out in a sweat. Their mouth may inexplicably go dry, and they report that momentarily, they forgot what they were going to say. What happened? They were caught in an emoti

Feeling Emotionally Hijacked?

Knowledge is Power. Knowing how to short-circuit, in-the-moment, an emotional hijack that would undermine both self-confidence and presence, remaining composed and focused during a high-stakes meeting or high-conflict conversation - is knowledge worth acquiring. Thanks to research in social neuroscience, we know that the brain processes and responds to emotional pain caused by “social threat” - like rejection, much like it responds to physical pain (Morris, et. al 1998a, Anderson & Phelps 2001, Eisenberger, Lieberman, and Williams, 2003, Olsson, Ebert, Banaji, & Phelps 2005), triggering an immediate, unconscious, and powerful survival-based, emotional response. Are You Feeling Emotionally H