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What is NeuroLeadership Coaching?

NeuroLeadership Coaching is a brain-based approach to transformational leadership created by Dr. David Rock, founder of the NeuroLeadership Institute.  NeuroLeadership is an emerging field of study connecting recent developments in brain research with the fields of leadership development, management training, change management, consulting, and executive and leadership coaching. TL&G applies neuroleadership using an inquiry-based approach to increase awareness, improve performance, expand perspectives, develop skills and shape behaviors. 

TL&G adheres to the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics, care for the whole person, and the principles of Tara Mohr's Playing Big, to inspire Next Generation thinkers to speak up, create and lead. 

Coaching engagements are typically six months to enable the leader to increase awareness, and learn to apply new concepts, skills and tools.  TL&G works with the Coaching Client, the Executive Sponsor, and Human Resources to ensure return on investment and executive performance in alignment with business values and objectives. 

Trust Lead Grow Neuroscience Coaching and Counsulting International Coach Federation

Step I: Meet Your Executive Coach

In your first session, you will receive


  • An introduction to the TL&G approach to help you achieve clarity, personal mastery, and understand your mindsets, needs and triggers. 

  • A real coaching experience that helps you gain insight into what is holding you back from success.

  • Recommended steps to achieve both immediate and sustained change.


We start with a free 30-minute session to discuss your current situation and goals.  If you choose to continue with a coaching partnership we will prepare a coaching agreement outlining your coaching goals, desired outcomes, accountabilities and approach. Upon receipt of your approval with payment we will prepare an online Individual Assessment and/or 360 Assessment.  Depending on your goals, we may recommend in-person interviews with your leader, peers, direct reports and key stakeholders.  

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Step II: Assessment Debrief & Action Plan

You will receive a 90 minute coaching session to debrief your assessment results.  You will receive a Coaching Profile, Career Profile, Strengths and Needs to help you to gain insight into the environment that you need in order to thrive. You will learn the performance-limiting mindsets and behaviors that get in your way and those strengths that support your achievement. Your coach will ask you the right questions and provide between-session practices and reference tools to help you to access personal insights, apply what you have learned, and track your progress. 

Step III.  A Partner to Hold You Accountable

Your coach is your partner in success.  With two or more live web or phone meetings each month, between-sessions action plan, and email support, you will stay focused and achieve your desired results.  Are you leading a management team in a complex organizational situation? Your coach will partner with you to create a team action plan to improve leadership impact and business performance. 

  • Leaders bear the primary responsibility for knowing what they are feeling and therefore, managing the contagion that they infect in others.  It requires a heightened emotional self-awareness. 

  • –  Neuroscience and Leadership: The Promise of Insights – Boyatzis

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