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  • Theresa L Garcia

The Future of Work: Are You Ready?

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated global disruptive changes already underway.

The question is – are you ready? Do you have the requisite skills to participate?

The IRI2038 Futures Study, identified Five Disruptive Trends:

How we Create products, invent, build, serve

How we Consume and destroy what we create

How we Connect with people, places, things

How we Relate with people and organizations

How we Define the world around us

Who will be the winners in the post-pandemic economy?

Those who know their strengths.

Those who adapt their strengths

Those who learn, reinvent and grow.

Do you know your strengths and your transferable skills?

Do you know what motivates you and the type of work and environment where your skills will shine?

It wasn't until mid-career when I worked with a Birkman Certified Coach and completed the Birkman Assessment that I discovered the strengths and workplace needs that would best utilize my talents. I became a Senior Certified Birkman Coach, to help other professionals and students to understand and position their strengths and needs for success.

Last month, I had the pleasure of partnering with to lead a free webinar on The Future of Work: Are You Ready?

How may I help you identify and share your gifts and talents?

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