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Women Leaders

Playing Bigger 

I am called to help Next Generation Women Leaders Play Bigger!

Throughout my career I have felt called to Play Bigger and to advocate for brilliant girls and women around the globe to Play Bigger too. Thankfully, I found Tara Mohr and her breakthrough book, Playing Big.  Inspired and nurtured by her insight and teachings, I became a member of the Playing Big community and completed the Playing Big Facilitator's Training program.  I now incorporate the principles of Playing Big within my own coaching practice to inspire ethical, visionary, wise women to lead and hold power.

I offer brilliant women who yearn to lead and hold power the shared insight, wisdom, tools and structured support framework to:

  • feel more confident - to speak your truth

  • quell the fear of criticism - powerful women always elicit criticism 

  • tap into inner wisdom - the source of continued strength

  • quiet the inner critic - the cruel voice that keeps women playing small

  • know that you are already good enough and ready to Play Bigger!

  • I appreciate all your advice and encouragement. It really helped me through tough times - more than you'll ever know. - Kelly T.

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