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Design for Success!

When the operating model isn't adapted to fit the environment, organizations fail to scale.

When your organization STRUCTURE, INFORMATION NETWORKS, LEADERSHIP APPROACH, and MANAGEMENT PRACTICES are misaligned with your OPERATING MODEL - the result is high turnover, confusion, complexity, frustration, poor performance, and poor customer satisfaction.

Optimize your organization efficiency by designing the right number of levels, spans of control, leadership decision rights and operating governance.  Simplify structures and networks to increase collaboration and information sharing. 


TL&G is your one-stop partner to evaluate your organization design and prepare your leaders to understand and lead during disruptive change.  TL&G offers world-class professional consulting expertise in Organization Design, Change Management and Facilitation at reasonable rates.   

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Is your operating model

undermining your success?

  • Research shows that suppressing an emotional expression makes the emotion more intense, affecting memory and creating a response in others. Leaders would do well to develop techniques that keep them cool under pressure

  • – the Neuroscience of Leadership, D. Rock, NeuroLeadership Institute 

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